Phil Lester (aka AmazingPhil) is an awesome YouTuber with 3 and a half million subscribers.

Life Before YouTube. Edit

Phil was born on the 30th of January 1987 in Rawtenstall, Lancashire, England.  He later completed a degree in English Language and Linguistics from the University of York and a post graduate in the Department of Theatre, Film and television, going on to obtain a Master of Arts in Video Postproduction with Specialisation in Visual Effects.

YouTube Edit

On the 27th of March, 2006, Phil posted his first video titled "Phil's Video Blog". In this video, he is just talking about random stuff such as what he was getting his mother for mothers day and how he was going to California in 4 days. This video currently has 800k views.

His current-day roommate, Dan Howell, was inspired by him to make videos and since then, each of them have been featured in each others videos quite frequently.